Open Days 09

Winning Poster and leaflet design for this years Open Days at The University of Brighton. The type is constructed from Rotastak hamster tubing.

Collaboration with Claude d'Avoine and Joe Luxton.

Five books for five pounds

A project set by George Hardy, which involved producing five books for five pounds.

I went on to produce a series of books called ‘Food For Thought’. The books contained unanswerable questions such as what colour is a mirror? Why is fraction a whole word? Do we all see the same colours? and how long is a piece of string? The book has been bound so that the pages and cover are sealed. The viewer tears open the perforated front cover and proceeds to do the same with the enclosed pages revealing visual representations of the unanswerable questions. Total cost £4.66.

Last Night I Dreamt That

A live installation held at The Southbank, London. The installation ran throughout The Karlheinz Stockhausen festival entitled 'Klang'.

In response to Karlheinz Stockhausen's working methods and stimuli, we developed an interactive dream weaving installation which we invited members of the public to become a part of. The installation involved people actively weaving an abstract pattern through the structured grid. The concept related to Stockhausen's contrasting working methods. Several of his works were inspired by dreams (a process of chance), which inspired him compositionally and were then later adapted and placed on a mathematically structured music score.

Collaboration with Joe Luxton.

Many thanks to Claude d'Avoine for all the help.
Please do have a look at this mini-documentary that Joe Spiteri made.

Howies (Work Placement)

Howies kindly asked me to undertake a work placement at their headquarters in Cardigan, Wales. The placement involved helping out at their brilliant annual 'Do Lectures' and producing a 3d type solution for their logo. The 3d type was used in the main lecture room.

Click here for a documentary on the Do Lectures.


Left - A response to the quote "Even a broken watch tells the time twice a day" featured in Withnail & I.

Right - A poster to promote Paul Steel "Moon Rock". The design looks at temperature, orbit, natural satellite and scale of the moon.

Ecological Debt Day

To promote and raise awareness of Ecological debt day.

A 100% edible poster. To help initiate and inspire a less wasteful life of consumerism. Realistically it is better to produce less packaging than to try and get everyone to recycle more. In response to this the poster is made from completely edible recourses such as wafer paper (potato starch, water, vegetable oil) and printed using edible inks. After reading the poster the viewer can take their first step to leading a less wasteful lifestyle by eating the poster and eliminating all waste.

Best before 30/12/10.

About Me

A second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student currently studying at the University of Brighton.

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